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Game Of Thrones Tour From Belfast

The Game Of Thrones filming locations tour is a must for any fan of the hit show, When travelling with us you will be travelling with the Actual Company that Transport the Cast & Crew for logistics while filming at the Game of Thrones locations in Ireland, The Game of Thrones tour will give you the inside scoop on what went on behind the scenes of the show, Something no other Game of Thrones locations tour in Ireland can provide, You will get to wear actual Props used bye the Cast & Crew on the Game of Thrones tour, Such as Cloaks, Shields, Helms, Swords and even a Helmet used in the early series bought for fans to use while on the Game of Thrones tour bus, The tour departs 7 days aweek from central Belfast, Facing the City Hall, The Stones And Thrones Tour offer the best family experience or solo experience as the tour is more indepth when compared to other Game of Thrones locations tours in Ireland. You only need to look at the pictures of people on the Game of Thrones locations tour to see how Exciting the tour is Images On Game Of Thrones Tour. The Game of Thrones tour from Belfast covers more locations and as a touch of good measure visits the Giants Causeway making it not only a Game of Thrones tour but also a Giants Causeway tour (Something for even non fans), On the Game of Thrones tour bus you will get the history of the Coastal route between locations explaining the Myths & Legends of the local area, Travelling through sleepy Irish fishing villages to each Game of Thrones filming location on tour that time has almost forgotten Stopping off for food and refreshents on the Game of Thrones tour bus, The views will take your breath away as you travel between locations on the Game of Thrones tour. You can book the tour easily and reserve your Spot Here I have a discount code that will save you 10% on any bookings for reading the blog, Use Code STONES Hit Apply Promo On Booking Save 10%.

Staying in Belfast for a few days? Game of Thrones & City Tour Exceptional value one full day on Game of Thrones locations tour, Followed bye two days Sightseeing in Belfast, On the Belfast City tour visit all the main attractions in Belfast, Hopping on and off the Hop on Hop off Belfast tour, Visit Belfast Castle & 29 other Attractions in Belfast, So many things to see and do in Belfast, The Combo is Exceptional value £34 you can view the Game of Thrones & Belfast City Tour bye Clicking Here Dont forget your discount code STONES hit apply promo on booking save 10%.

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Giants Causeway Tour From Belfast

The Giants Causeway otherwise known as the 8th wonder of the world, Steeped in local Myths and Legends the Giants Causeway tour is a favourite with tourists and proves to be to be one of the most popular day excursions from Belfast, On the Giants Causeway tour from Belfast you will travel on a full Coastal Adventure taking in the full Coastal route on the Giants Causeway tour bus, You will learn about Finn Mccool ( Fionn mac Cumhaill) and the legend we all learn as children growing up in Ireland, Finn is having trouble with someone across the water. The Scottish giant Benandonner is threatening Ireland. An enraged Finn grabs chunks of the Antrim coast and throws them into the sea. The rock forms a path for Finn to follow and teach Benandonner a lesson. Bad idea – Benandonner is terrifyingly massive. Finn beats a hasty retreat, followed by the giant, only to be saved by our hero’s quick-thinking wife who disguised him as a baby. The angry Scot saw the baby and decided if the child was that big, the daddy must be really huge. Benandonner the Scottish Giant then makes his escape back across the Giants Causeway destroying the interlinking path between Ireland & Scotland, Contrary to popular belief As the story goes, You can make your own mind up on the Giants Causeway tour.

The guide we use on the Giants Causeway tour has spent much of his life teaching History to School Children you will get a real passionate guide offering not only his Wit & Wisdom & Natural Flair with Story telling about the Science - Legends behind the formation of the Giants Causeway but local history and spots of natural beauty and wonder as you journey to the Northern tip of Ireland, You can View the Giants Causeway tour here If your in Belfast for more than a Couple of days why not do the Combination tour, Visit the Giants Causeway for a full day tour, Then on your next couple of days visit over 30 Attractions in Belfast on the Belfast Hop on Hop off tour bus, You can view the tour Here I have a discount code for either the Giants Causeway day tour or Giants Causeway tour with Belfast City Tour FINN ( After the Giant of Course) hit apply promo on booking save 10%

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Titanic Belfast Tour

The Titanic Museum has became a Meca for tourists from around the globe since opening its doors in 2012, To date as of 2018 the Titanic Museum has welcomed over five million visitors and has became Belfast's main Sightseeing attraction. The Titanic Belfast tour takes you to the attraction and offers a discount on entry which works out much better and Cheaper than any Combination tour on the market. The Titanic Museum itself is a Architectural Marvel, The building has been designed to look like a ships hull on all sides, It sits nestled right next to the slipway from which the Titanic was lauched into Belfast lough, The Titanic Museum has recreated parts of the ship as it actually would have resembled the famous luxury cruise linear of the period, The Titanic Museum gives a deep insight into Belfast's industral past of ship building which employed most of Belfast in its glory days of times gone bye. Titanic discount ticket lets you arrive and enter the attraction without being tied down to a fixed time, This can be tricky to manage being a avid traveller myself i know it can be tough finding your bearings in a strange City. I love the flexibility of the Titanic Belfast tour ticket, No fixed time arrive when the Titanic Museum is open enter and get your Titanic discount £3 with each ticket ( It all adds up). When your finished reboard the Titanic Belfast tour bus, It picks up at the West Entrance Coach Bay Every 30-45 minutes Stop 3, The Titanic Belfast tour bus then continues around over 25+ Stops on the Titanic Belfast tour, Hop on Hop off the Belfast Sightseeing bus and discover the History of Belfast, Take in local History and soak it up on top of a open top bus in Belfast offering awesome panoramic views. I have attached a discount code to save you even more money on the Titanic Belfast tour. Apply promo code Titanic and save a further 10% on the cost of your ticket you can Book Titanic Belfast Tour or View Titanic Belfast Tour

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Hop On Hop Off Belfast Tour

The Belfast Hop on Hop off bus gives a great insight into the history of Belfast, From taking in Belfast's main tourist traps to the History of what has become known as the troubles, When boarding the Belfast Hop on Hop off tour bus you will be greeted bye a live friendly knowledgeable guide, Full of passion for Belfast City giving a impartial viewpoint on each point of view from a historical sense to tips on where to Hop on Hop off the Belfast Sightseeing tour bus either to visit Attractions in Belfast or for food and drink, A favourite spot of mine as a Belfast local has got to be Saint Georges market Stop 9 on the Belfast Hop on Hop off bus tour a culinary and cultural adventure, with everything from fresh food to live music. For breakfast on the move, opt for a Belfast Bap filled with local delights while you dander around the market stalls which are packed with handmade crafts, fresh food and antiques, The market has something for everyones tastes and it is in the heart of Belast City Centre, When your done sampling the delights Hop back onto the Belfast Sightseeing tour bus, Climb the stairs if you may for a top deck seat on the open top tour bus in Belfast, Listen to the guide and Hop off at any of 29 other locations on the Belfast Hop on Hop Off bus tour, The buses run every 30-45 minutes around each location in Belfast, On the first 3 tours each day the Hop on Hop off Belfast bus travels to Belfast Castle ( As seen above in picture) The Belfast Hop on Hop off Sightseeing tour bus is the only open top tour bus to visit the Castle set in tree lined grounds tucked into the side of the Black mountain over looking Belfast City, The views over Belfast lough well worth a peek, Some days we have a live guide on the Hop on Hop off Belfast tour bus who will sing Irish Folk music live as you travel exploring Belfast City, Use discount code HOP save 10% on the Hop on Hop off Belfast tour

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